Air Race Classic, Inc. is a nonprofit
501(c)(3) organization dedicated to:

  • Encouraging and educating current
    and future women pilots
  • Increasing public awareness
    of general aviation
  • Demonstrating women's roles in aviation
  • Preserving and promoting the tradition of pioneering women in aviation


  • Onsite Youth Events

    ARC Racers and Volunteers provide role models and educational activities for youth groups at the Start and Terminus locations each year. They also provide online resources for all young people introducing them to the math, science and possibilities within the field of aviation.
    --- Start - For Racers - information will be updated as details are finalized with local youth groups.
    --- Terminus - For Racers - information will be updated as details are finalized with local youth groups.


    Download the Teacher's Guide to the Air Race Classic and give your students the chance to learn about the women's air racing tradition that started in 1929 and continues today with the Air Race Classic. Teacher's Guide.
    Scholastic Outreach -Activities Guide
  • Collegiate Teams

    The Air Race Classic makes a special effort to include collegiate women in the race. ARC welcomes teams to enter the collegiate division of the race. To be eligible for the collegiate division, the ARC Rules state:  All members of a Collegiate Team must be closely affiliated with the University that they represent (such as student, faculty, flight instructor, etc.). At the time of submitting the Application for Entry, the Team Pilot must be a registered undergraduate student at the University, as defined by the requirements of that University. Review the list of college teams that have raced previously. Read stories from past collegiate racers. Is your team in need of additional resources and finances to fly the Classic? Get some ideas on how to make it happen for you.
    To learn more about how to enter as a collegiate team contact
  • Scholarships

    Scholarships and other financial assistance make it possible for women pilots to fly and compete in the Air Race Classic. Financial support helps the team COVER RACE COSTS and extend their aviation skills training, while experiencing the joy, excitement, and camaraderie that the only woman's transcontinental air race offers! Opportunities that you can apply for are listed below. If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship, please contact

    Aircraft Maintenance Scholarships

    Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance application receipt by December 1

    Ride the Sun Scholarship Awarded by Ruth Maestre & Denise Waters
  • Books & Articles

    An online journal written by racer Julie Boatman Filucci from the 2005 Air Race Classic: 2005 Air Race Classic Journal
  • An online journal written by Kathleen Roy and AOPA's Carolyn Smith from the 2003 Air Race Classic: 2003 Air Race Classic Journal
    Flight Training resources from AOPA - Learn to Fly
    For AOPA Members - A November 1996 wrap-up article detailing the results of the 1996 Air Race Classic; the article ran in Flight Training and was written by Greg Laslo: In Training - Getting There
    A February 1995 article from Flight Training written by Anne Honer that gives a good overview of the Air Race Classic: In Training - Air Race Classic

    GIRLS CAN'T BE PILOTS: AN AEROBIOGRAPHY By Margaret J. Ringenberg with Jane L. Roth
    Margaret has flown in every Air Race Classic since they started, taking first place in 1988. A former WASP with over 40,000 hrs, she learned to fly because as a little girl she was told "Girls Can't Be Pilots." She has been a flight instructor since 1945. She flew the Round the World Air Race in 1994 and the London to Sydney Air Race in 2001. Her flying is highlighted in Tom Brokaw's book "The Greatest Generation" chapter 12. She continued to promote aviation and women who fly until her death in 2008.
    THE POWDER PUFF DERBY OF 1929 - By Gene Nora Jessen
    Air Racer Gene Nora Jessen provides the exciting story about the 20 women pilots who planned and executed the first major female cross-country airplane race. On Sunday, August 19, 1929, these women took off from Santa Monica, California, in their propeller-driven airplanes headed for Cleveland, Ohio, where the race ended on Monday, August 26. Challenges along the 2,759 mile course included suspected sabotage attempts, sexist criticism of their flying ability and several crashes, one of which caused a fatality. Nevertheless, the race managed to capture nationwide attention and gained new respect for female aviators. Will Rogers dubbed the race the “Powder Puff Derby.”Read more about the lives of those women pilots who, through their skills and camaraderie, started traditions that continue today.


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